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What We Do

At Yava, we perform a wide range of raw materials analysis
to help you in designing a sustainable process

Sustainable Chemical Processes

YR's environmentally conscious

Sustainable Innovations are developed to create a carbon-neutral, closed-loop operation while maintaining process efficiency, and ensuring the quality of the end products. 


Our team of experts will work with you to develop the best process for your business, applying our years of experience in sustainable process design and implementation.  


Materials Analysis

Materials Analysis is a major component of the design and development of sustainable processes.  YR's Materials Analysis offers a detailed analytical characterization of the structure and properties of ore, feedstock, industrial waste, chemical compounds, or any other raw materials involved in the process.



YR's experience in commercializing chemical processes gives us a "top-to-bottom" understanding of what it takes to successfully commercialize and monetize a chemical process.  Our consulting services utilize a "Concept-to-commercialization" methodology to develop innovative solutions.  

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